Colin was part of a team of 20 international balloon artists brought together for their skill in creating large outdoor balloon décor. The location for this project was in a recently developed upmarket shopping district in Shanghai.

Colin’s responsibility in the project was to create a spectacular entrance piece for the VIP cocktail party. He created a 20ft water fountain, constructed almost entirely of modelling balloons! Also created by Colin was a 40ft tall balloon backdrop for the entrance to the event. The event comprised of a large fashion show, with all the models wearing the latest balloons dresses and hats, created by Colin and the team.

The event was opened by the mayor of Shanghai amid a flurry of media interest. The media presence was so large Colin gave a tv interview that was broadcast to 500 million people.

A balloon distributor from Esbjerg, a large city in Denmark, called asking Colin to make a sculpture for their shopping centre. The aim of the project was to create local interest in balloon art, raising awareness of the product and in turn sell balloon bouquets to the public.

Colin decided on a design that would be relatable to this city which has a huge fishing industry. He chose to design a fishing vessel that is typically used in the region. Colin recruited a team of five local balloon artists where they had a two day period to construct a massive boat!!

An agent in China contacted Colin to join a group of top international balloon artists. The brief for the team was to create a large balloon sculpture and then individually make various balloon art installations, in a huge shopping mall.

Colin flew out to Chengdu for 8 days, 3 of which were spent constructing a 5 metre tall Magical Tree Sculpture. The rest of his time was spent presenting shows on how to create balloon art. Colin presented four shows each day with well over 200,000 people attending! The event had considerable national media interest and was broadcast all over China.

Colin was introduced to a client during a trade event at the NEC, Birmingham. She later got in touch with him to order balloons for her sons Bar Mitzvah.

The brief involved the 34 waitresses for the event ALL wearing balloon dresses. This was a challenge not only because all the different sizes, but there was only an hour time slot in which to fit them all. The dresses had to look amazing but also comfortable enough to be worn throughout the event.

The preparation for the event took two days. It required a team of four, who worked on the various elements for the event, including a balloon entrance tunnel, table centrepieces, large sculptures and, of course, lots of dresses!!